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Welcome to my official new website!

Hi! Thanks for visiting! You might recognize me from Playboy, MAXIM, Penthouse, fitness or men's magazines, pro-wrestling arenas...or from TV, comic books and more! I made this site for fun, to dress up, act out fantasies, get creative, vent and have a scrapbook of the crazy things I've done and seen...and it's grown to massive proportions and become one of the most popular sites on the internet. I have lots to offer, so take a look around!

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Come play! You can sleep with a blonde, You can sleep with a brunette...but you'll never get any sleep with a redhead!

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xo, April

My Newest Updates
content/photos/AHP019_waterfall/1.jpg Waterfall
content/photos/AHP018_punisher_duo/1.jpg Punisher Duo
content/photos/AHP017_morning_coffee2/1.jpg Morning Coffee 2
content/photos/AHP016_supergirl_3/1.jpg Supergirl 3
content/photos/AHP015_wedgie/1.jpg Wedgie
content/photos/AHP013_megacon/1.jpg Megacon
content/videos/AHV001_april_vs_ivy_sleeperkids/1.jpg April Vs Ivy
content/photos/AHP012_christmas2016/1.jpg Christmas 2016

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